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How to Obtain Maine Death Certificates

As a state of US, Maine came in to existence in the year 1820. Before the state came in to existence, there were more than 200 towns which were maintaining records of the vital events (birth, death and marriage) on their own. After Maine was declared as a separate state of US, the statewide registration of the vital records including the births, deaths and marriages was not initially updated by the state department of health instead; the towns by themselves kept on working on the issue of registering and maintaining the records of the vital events. However, at last, in the year 1864, the state government made a legislation which ensured that town clerks must forward births, deaths, and marriages records to the secretary of state which was after the introduction of the law was held responsible for maintaining all the records of the vital events taking place in the state. The State Board of Vital Statistics was established in 1892 which was considered as the most powerful authority held responsible for maintaining vital records of the state of Maine. Information regarding vital events took place after 1892 till date can be easily accessed from the State Board of Vital Statistic Maine.

Death records or death certificates (MCCD), Are a substantial part of the legal process. This significant information is vital to state and local government official. The state death record database contains information about a person's death, location, date, time, residence. Sometimes the names of the mother and father, and Even the physician who declares vital statistics and the cause of a person's death. Death records have long been used to help with ancestry, research. They are considered to be "primary source" records, because the information is recorded by an eye witness, at the time the death takes place.

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Maine Death Record Certificates and Obituaries

Maine Department of Human Services
Office of Vital Records
State House Station 11
Augusta, ME 04333-0011