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How to Obtain North Dakota Death Certificates

The North Dakota is the state where there was a law which enabled all the citizens to get their vital events registered with their town offices. However, before the introduction of the law within the state, the town offices were maintaining unofficial records for their own ease. But the introduction of the law in the year 1893 ensured that each and every event taking place within the jurisdiction of the state of North Dakota must be registered. However, this legislation remained intact for only 2 years, after than it was repealed but just after 4 years again, the act was re-enacted in 1899. The state established a department named The State Department of Vital Records in 1923 and once the department began their operations, it ordered all the town and county officers to send the copies of prior birth and death information to them. The Marriage records prior to 1st July, 1925 were not made available to the department of vital statistics as they were not properly maintained by the state. However, marriages records after 1925 were properly maintained by the department of vital statistics as they ensured that each and every event of marriage, death and birth taking place within the state is registered and present within their records.

Death records or death certificates (MCCD), Are a substantial part of the legal process. This significant information is vital to state and local government official. The state death record database contains information about a person's death, location, date, time, residence. Sometimes the names of the mother and father, and Even the physician who declares vital statistics and the cause of a person's death. Death records have long been used to help with ancestry, research. They are considered to be "primary source" records, because the information is recorded by an eye witness, at the time the death takes place.

North Dakota County Death Records

Adams County
Barnes County
Benson County
Billings County
Bottineau County
Bowman County
Burke County
Burleigh County
Cass County
Cavalier County
Dickey County
Divide County
Dunn County
Eddy County
Emmons County
Foster County
Golden Valley County
Grand Forks County
Grant County
Griggs County
Hettinger County
Kidder County
LaMoure County
Logan County
McHenry County
McIntosh County
McKenzie County
McLean County
Mercer County
Morton County
Mountrail County
Nelson County
Oliver County
Pembina County
Pierce County
Ramsey County
Ransom County
Renville County
Richland County
Rolette County
Sargent County
Sheridan County
Sioux County
Slope County
Stark County
Steele County
Stutsman County
Towner County
Traill County
Walsh County
Ward County
Wells County
Williams County


North Dakota Death Record Certificates and Obituaries

Division of Vital Records
State Department of Health
600 East Boulevard Avenue
Bismarck, North Dakota 58505-0200