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How to Obtain Oregon Death Certificates

The vital records registration was not given importance by the state of Oregon from the very beginning. Due to this, the records always remained incomplete and on the part of the lower administration, the importance of the data collection and maintenance was always neglected as well. The vital records registration is the area where the Oregon state diverted their attention after some while. However, the performance of the town or county clerks was good in this regard from the very beginning as they kept some records of the vital events took place within their city or county, however, state didn't showed any commitment in this regard till 1903. The statewide registration of the vital events like births and deaths began in the year 1903 in the state of Oregon and marriages records were started to maintain just after 3 years in 1906. The Oregon State Archives in Salem has vital records present of different counties of the states including some big ones and some smaller ones. Some of the counties which it includes are Benton, Columbia, Clackamas, Douglas, Jackson, Linn, Marion, Lincoln, Polk, Umatilla, Tillamook, Yamhill and Wasco. All are at the state's Vital Records Bureau.

Death records or death certificates (MCCD), Are a substantial part of the legal process. This significant information is vital to state and local government official. The state death record database contains information about a person's death, location, date, time, residence. Sometimes the names of the mother and father, and Even the physician who declares vital statistics and the cause of a person's death. Death records have long been used to help with ancestry, research. They are considered to be "primary source" records, because the information is recorded by an eye witness, at the time the death takes place.

Oregon County Death Records

Baker County
Benton County
Clackamas County
Clatsop County
Columbia County
Coos County
Crook County
Curry County
Deschutes Count
Douglas County
Gilliam County
Grant County
Harney County
Hood River County
Jackson County
Jefferson County
Josephine County
Klamath County
Lake County
Lane County
Lincoln County
Linn County
Malheur County
Marion County
Morrow County
Multnomah County
Polk County
Sherman County
Tillamook County
Umatilla County
Union County
Wallowa County
Wasco County
Washington County
Wheeler County
Yamhill County


Oregon Death Record Certificates and Obituaries

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