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How to Obtain South Carolina Death Certificates

South Carolina is one of the biggest states of US but there was no formal way of registering the vital events occurring in the state since the very beginning when state came into existence. It was the early nineteenth century when South Carolina State made a legislation which incorporated the registration of the vital events mandatory for every citizen and also the legislation made the town offices responsible to send the copies of vital events registration to the state department of health and environment control. The legislation turned into an act on 1st September 1914 asking all the town offices to gather all the previous data which they did not have with themselves at that time. Although the registrations of vital events were made mandatory in the year 1914, the results showed up in the early 1915 as in 1915, the law was made applicable to all towns and cities of the state. The state had no prior act of registering the marriages with the state office but one can find the earlier records which are placed with the town offices which are working independently before the act of registration of vital events in South Carolina was introduced.

Death records or death certificates (MCCD), Are a substantial part of the legal process. This significant information is vital to state and local government official. The state death record database contains information about a person's death, location, date, time, residence. Sometimes the names of the mother and father, and Even the physician who declares vital statistics and the cause of a person's death. Death records have long been used to help with ancestry, research. They are considered to be "primary source" records, because the information is recorded by an eye witness, at the time the death takes place.

South Carolina County Death Records

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South Carolina Death Record Certificates and Obituaries

South Carolina Department of Health and Environment Control
Bureau of Vital Statistics
J. Marion Sims Building
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201-1797